The Next Best Thing…

Have you ever looked at a photo from a few years back and fallen into that weird, timeless vortex? You know the one – a single glance and suddenly, you’re tumbling through space and time, right back to that real-life moment…

You know exactly what I mean, don’t you?

You feel the soft sensation of sun on your face, the smell of green grass floats gently through the air, and the visceral feeling that accompanied that very moment, whether it was love, exasperation, laughter, or something else that made that particular photo so special to you, hits you right in the gut.

And time is a strange thing – they say the days are long but the years are short, and some days? We look around wondering what happened and how did we even get here – wasn’t it just 2008 like 3 minutes ago?

Sometimes, I’ll find myself staring absently at one of the many photos I’ve taken that adorn the walls of my home and WHOOSH, down the vortex I go. The faint sound of seagulls coupled with the sound and scent of the ocean and my 2 sweet babies digging in the sand…

The memories flood my senses and, there I am in a moving reel of moments I’ll never get back. Those moments may be gone, but the memories are mine forever and I find that so comforting.

It’s literally the next best thing to traveling back in time…

What Are Your Memories Worth To You?

Be honest – how many photos do you have stored on your phone or computer at this very minute? I’ll wager it’s in the hundreds – thousands, maybe. You post them on social media, text them to your loved ones and then… there they sit all sad and lonely for all eternity.

And what are the odds of you mustering the gumption to make an actual photo album or printing them out to frame them? Slim, perhaps??

It sounds sort of callous, but it’s worth asking… what are your memories worth to you?

Hiring a professional (ahem, cough-cough) to document your family’s milestones, preserve your memories, AND make beautiful prints or albums is money well spent and literally, a gift that keeps giving. Your beautiful faces deserve to see the light of day, free from the bondage of your phone’s memory card!

You know that precious scrunched up face your son makes when he smiles?

Or the mischievous sparkle in your daughter’s eye that’s ALWAYS there?

I wonder if you even know what your face looks like as you watch your kids being themselves – unabashedly? To me, it’s more beautiful than you can even imagine.

These are the little things, the expressions of your life that you’ll want to remember when the years roll on.

Time Is A Funny Thing…

Inside the itty-bitty moments that make up our gigantic lives, most of us believe we’ll remember the details, but hindsight will tell you otherwise.

Especially with your children – they change SO fast with each passing month and year, and before we know it, it’s out with the old (that sweet, wispy baby hair) and in with the new (hello, toothless smile worn by every 6-year-old that ever lived).

Let me help you remember.

The other day, someone asked me why I’m a photographer, and though there’s more than one reason, ultimately, I consider myself a keeper of memories for families.

As time slips away and your babies grow up, as gray hair takes its rightful spot atop your head, and as you pass from one moment to the next – let me document your story with beautiful images. Images that won’t let you forget the essence and spirit of the tiny moments that make life so rich and worthwhile.

What You Can Count On…

When you’ve got me as your photographer, you’ll always get amazing photos that tug on your heart and make you smile, but guess what else? Sessions are FUN!!!

It’s not always easy to escape the “SAY CHEEEEESE” generic-photo conundrum, but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that are sure to inspire genuine emotion, real smiles, and some surprisingly tender moments between the families I work with.

And, don’t worry, this isn’t about you showing up looking the like Royal Family or a gaggle of super-models – this is 100% about showcasing the perfect imperfection of life. In this moment, it’s all about who you are, who your family is (hey look! a photo that actually has MOM in it!!), and helping you remember just how much love surrounds you.

All you have to do? Just show up and do your thing – I’ll make sure to capture the very best parts of you and your family so that one day in the not-too-distant future when everything’s changed…

You get to remember just how sweet life really is.